Welcome, September!!


Can we be excited for September? I am.  I know that’s weird.  It’s not that I’m anxious for my oldest to start school or anything, cause I am so totally not ready for that… but I’m excited about starting a new job, and about being closer to home.  I’m excited to have a little more free time to figure my shit out.  This year the start of September is like a big ole’ Happy New Year!! and here are my September resolutions:

  1. Menu Plan
  2. Organize. Organize. Organize.
  3. Leap in


So this is me, leaping in.  I’m not ready, I haven’t “figured out” what this blog is going to be about.  I’m overcoming the inertia and the need to know exactly where this is going before I start.  This isn’t going to be perfect.  It won’t always follow a theme, and there is no master plan.  Hopefully there will be a meal plan in a couple of days… but that’s it.  That’s my plan so far.  My scary, hairy lack of plan.  My crazy, hazy, totally fazes-me, lack of plan.

– Jenne out.

2 thoughts on “Welcome, September!!”

  1. I’m with you! To me, fall is all about new beginnings – much more so than January.
    We’ve also instigated better meal planning as a september resolution: managed to fill the whole month with only a few duplications (as if I could survive with pizza only once a month)!
    Congrats on the new job…you must be into the 3-digits by now?
    ; )

    1. Oh dear, someone (me) has been negligent on the comments… My September resolutions did not pass muster. I found it to be a challenge to get into the swing of things at the new job and with schools starting for the first time etc… I have been improving at the home-made meals though. So, I’m starting again, again now. Totally into the three digits. 🙂

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