Menu Planning – Getting Started


Menu planning seems like this big scary thing.  No, menu planning is this big scary thing.  You need to have a bunch of recipes.  You need to think about what goes with what, and how much of this or that you’ll have left over.  I mean it is wa-a-a-ay harder than just making a meal at the last minute right?  Wait.  I hate trying to figure out what we’re going to eat as we’re driving home, or worse yet, standing in front of the fridge waiting for inspiration.  So, to break it down, and make it a little less scary, I’m starting with this:

  1. Print/fill out a one month calendar page.
  2. Choose a type of meal for each night of the week.
  3. Start filling in whatever meal I can think of on the appropriate day.

For us, I broke it down like this:

  • Sunday – Family Fun
  • Monday – Crock Pot
  • Tuesday – Quick and Easy
  • Wednesday – Vegetarian
  • Thursday – Chicken
  • Friday – Fish/Seafood
  • Saturday – BBQ


This gives me variety and lets me cut down on the red meat a little bit.  I am only working on suppers for now.  And if I don’t have a meal planned for every night, no big deal, right?! Baby steps…

Credit: I got my cute, totally free, monthly meal plan template here.  She also has a number of other variations to suit your particular style and needs.

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