Inspiration.  It’s everywhere.  Right now, with the shorter work days (i.e. shorter commutes), and my oldest starting school, my inspiration is to get my family organized enough to eat home-made meals instead of getting take out or buying pre-made.  I mean, I’m on an organizing kick, but thanks to a few ladies I have focused some of my, ahem, tornado like tendencies into meal planning.  I figure it is one big task that will improve my quality of life.  And let’s face it, until the deck is done, all other building projects are definitely on hold in our house.

So, I’d like to share some of my inspiration with you.  Being around these ladies, and following their stories, has been really helpful to me, and I hope they can help you out too.

Inspiration can come in so many forms
Inspiration can come in so many forms
  • Eat For Life – The primary aim of this blog is to provide weight loss tips on a daily basis using natural lifestyle methods.  I love the tips.  I love the tone.
  • AbSOULutely DelifghtFULL – I’m not a chef or a baker, and I am certainly not a nutritionist. What I AM is an everyday person who makes food from real ingredients.  I love the recipes.
  • J Petrucci – I love her grit, her determination and her positive attitude.  She’s just started teaching and she is a fitness role model.

– Jenne out

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