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Self-awareness Doesn’t Grow on Trees

I would love to be more self-aware.  I have this girlfriend that has mastered it.  She has taken quirks that don’t just work for everyone and turned them into assets because she recognizes them in herself and knows how to manage them.  Not me.  Recently, someone told me that I am an intimidating person.  Me? Me!  Here’s the thing.  I don’t know if he was kidding or not.  I have these huge gaps in my self-awareness.  So,  I’m hoping to take a new direction this year with my blogging and use it to learn a little bit more about myself.  See, in a few years, I plan on starting a new career, and as of yet, I don’t know exactly what I want to be when  grow up.  Don’t get me wrong, I have some ideas, but not a solid action plan.  I don’t feel confident enough to recognize what I am good at, what I am bad at, and what I would get bored with too easily.  So, I plan on putting myself out there a bit more in hopes of figuring it all out.  Isn’t it what we’re all looking for?  What should I BE when I grow up?  How should I define myself?

One thing I do know, is that I struggle with perfection.  No, really.  Often I have it under control, but I see it rear its ugly head when I am in unfamiliar territory.  Like when I am writing.  I’m so afraid of writing the wrong thing that I avoid it.  So, I’m going to take the plunge.  Write with no sense of direction and see where I end up and what it tells me about myself.  I hope you’ll join me, and maybe point out a few obvious (to you) points.  I can’t promise to teach you anything, or really even to make this journey worth your while (unless you enjoy sarcasm, in which case, I can provide a healthy dose), but maybe you’ll stick with it out of morbid curiosity?!


Inspiration.  It’s everywhere.  Right now, with the shorter work days (i.e. shorter commutes), and my oldest starting school, my inspiration is to get my family organized enough to eat home-made meals instead of getting take out or buying pre-made.  I mean, I’m on an organizing kick, but thanks to a few ladies I have focused some of my, ahem, tornado like tendencies into meal planning.  I figure it is one big task that will improve my quality of life.  And let’s face it, until the deck is done, all other building projects are definitely on hold in our house.

So, I’d like to share some of my inspiration with you.  Being around these ladies, and following their stories, has been really helpful to me, and I hope they can help you out too.

Inspiration can come in so many forms
Inspiration can come in so many forms
  • Eat For Life – The primary aim of this blog is to provide weight loss tips on a daily basis using natural lifestyle methods.  I love the tips.  I love the tone.
  • AbSOULutely DelifghtFULL – I’m not a chef or a baker, and I am certainly not a nutritionist. What I AM is an everyday person who makes food from real ingredients.  I love the recipes.
  • J Petrucci – I love her grit, her determination and her positive attitude.  She’s just started teaching and she is a fitness role model.

– Jenne out

Menu Planning – Getting Started

Menu planning seems like this big scary thing.  No, menu planning is this big scary thing.  You need to have a bunch of recipes.  You need to think about what goes with what, and how much of this or that you’ll have left over.  I mean it is wa-a-a-ay harder than just making a meal at the last minute right?  Wait.  I hate trying to figure out what we’re going to eat as we’re driving home, or worse yet, standing in front of the fridge waiting for inspiration.  So, to break it down, and make it a little less scary, I’m starting with this:

  1. Print/fill out a one month calendar page.
  2. Choose a type of meal for each night of the week.
  3. Start filling in whatever meal I can think of on the appropriate day.

For us, I broke it down like this:

  • Sunday – Family Fun
  • Monday – Crock Pot
  • Tuesday – Quick and Easy
  • Wednesday – Vegetarian
  • Thursday – Chicken
  • Friday – Fish/Seafood
  • Saturday – BBQ


This gives me variety and lets me cut down on the red meat a little bit.  I am only working on suppers for now.  And if I don’t have a meal planned for every night, no big deal, right?! Baby steps…

Credit: I got my cute, totally free, monthly meal plan template here.  She also has a number of other variations to suit your particular style and needs.

Welcome, September!!

Can we be excited for September? I am.  I know that’s weird.  It’s not that I’m anxious for my oldest to start school or anything, cause I am so totally not ready for that… but I’m excited about starting a new job, and about being closer to home.  I’m excited to have a little more free time to figure my shit out.  This year the start of September is like a big ole’ Happy New Year!! and here are my September resolutions:

  1. Menu Plan
  2. Organize. Organize. Organize.
  3. Leap in


So this is me, leaping in.  I’m not ready, I haven’t “figured out” what this blog is going to be about.  I’m overcoming the inertia and the need to know exactly where this is going before I start.  This isn’t going to be perfect.  It won’t always follow a theme, and there is no master plan.  Hopefully there will be a meal plan in a couple of days… but that’s it.  That’s my plan so far.  My scary, hairy lack of plan.  My crazy, hazy, totally fazes-me, lack of plan.

– Jenne out.