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We are looking for people interested in joining our team as contributors. We are dedicated to following our dreams and sharing our stories in the hopes of helping others do the same. This site is a safe place for people to explore new skills, pitch ideas and generally geek out. If you are interested in joining our community as a contributor, please read the requirements below, and fill out the application form.

This community is dedicated to helping, learning and exploring new ideas. Contributors will not be monetarily compensated for their participation. However, you will have access to the skills of your fellow contributors, and a safe place to try out your new ideas. Whether you are looking to learn a new skill, grow your network, or launch a business, this community can help you to achieve your goal, while giving back at the same time.


Contributors are asked to volunteer a minimum of XX hours per month for mentoring. You will always be given the option of accepting or declining any specific request, but are expected to be open to the idea of mentoring.

Contributors are asked to contribute at a minimum one piece of content per month  while active. If you are working on a project or learning a new skill or process, you are asked to consider sharing your experiences.

Contributors are required to fill out the basic information for their contributor page, the mentoring page, and submit their first article upon acceptance as a contributor.

Contributors are encouraged to link to any personal sites on their contributor page. Projects and additional content may be contributed upon approval by an administrator. Projects do not need to be unique to the site, but the content should include additional information relevant to the purpose of this site.

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